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Hey y’all!!

Alright, so here is where I’m supposed to tell you aaaallll about lil ol’ me! And presumably, entice you into reading more of my blog. I’m supposed to make myself sound fabulous and interesting, and so cool that you find yourself anxiously checking back to the blog to see what new pearls of wisdom I have dropped upon the world today!!….

…ok HOLD ON a sec, I feel like that’s an INSANE amount of pressure and now I don’t know what to say about myself!!

The basics: My name is Shonte, (repeat after me: “shawn-tay.”)

i’m a bubbly gal with a lot of random junk floating around my head and I decided it might be cool to get it all down somewhere. *insert blog.*

I was blessed with the gift of being able to take a minute piece of information and “embellish” it into something worthy of a feature film, hence the “blog that never ends” reference…I definitely looove to talk, about pretty much anything!

This blog is likely going to be a place where I can chat to the universe, work out subliminal emotional issues, or just rant about whatever injustices I’ve been subjected to recently. You know how you have that one friend that completely random, crazy stuff always happens to, and they always have a story to tell?? I want to be that friend for you, but on the inter-webs.

I’m a little eccentric in my tastes and interests, so there’s a likely chance that some days I may be writing about a cool country concert I saw, then throw in the latest vegan spot I ate at, or give my expert opinion on a new mascara or face cream…I’m telling you, there’s a lot going on here!  I have this AMAZING inkling that blogging may very well be the perfect outlet for me and my nonsense. So take your shoes off and stay a while…you’re bound to find something interesting here! (i hope.)

Thanks in advance for hanging out with me…this feels like the beginning of something beautiful!! …or something quirky and unusual; i can’t decide. Either way, i think it’s a win. 🙂


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