new month’s resolutions

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November 28, 2012 by shontemarie

ugh. my blogging as of late has been sooooo sporadic.

if you understand this, then you “get” me. 🙂

I desperately want to be inspired to write something each day, but I either don’t have time when something amazing strikes me, or when I DO have time, I end up wiling away my time doing any number of things that are not writing. Example,  I was off today. From everything!!! (big deal, y’all!! I work an insane amount of hours normally.) Tooons of stuff needed to be done with this rare day off!

Here’s a quick peek at my to-do list:

  • finish putting away stuff from moving boxes (i’m almost “Hoarders” status right now with  tons of random junk strewn about my bedroom…I’m having some sentimental issues with deciding what to do with everything. :/)
  • laundry (three full baskets worth stare me down whenever I go in my closet!)
  • grocery shop (The current sad state of my fridge makes me quite embarrassed! I think the only food items in there are Thanksgiving leftovers…which brings me to my next point)
  • clean out my fridge
  • clean out my car/take it to get washed
  • go to the library
  • go to the gym
  • WRITE!!

Here’s what I actually did today:

Lil’ of this:


and a lot of this:

I’m so dang unproductive sometimes. Anyway, I was prompted to make some goals for next month to try and get back on track with everything…here they are:

  • gym 2x a week!!
  • one load of laundry every other day until caught up, then two loads a week.
  • write SOMETHING each day, even if it ends up being nothing more than a series of lists that even i find dull and that wouldn’t possibly interest anyone else. 😉 haha!!



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