challenge: ACCEPTED.

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November 9, 2012 by shontemarie

hello wordpress world! so i’m a total noob to the world of wordpress; i have been over on blogger for quite some time now, but word on the streets is, this is where it’s at now. so here i am. kinda feels like i’m late to the party; that last person shuffling in when everything is already in full swing.

let me play, too guys!! i’m really fun, i promise! 😀


i’m here, y’all.

to be honest, i suck a little bit at blogging. i know, you aren’t supposed to say that right off the bat. it either seems like i’m fishing for some kind of recognition, [not true…i really do suck at blogging!], or else it will just drive people away from reading. [i hope not!] if i am totally honest, i really wanted to make a blog for a few different reasons, some of which align nicely with one another, and others that don’t. my main reason would be because of a deep enjoyment of writing and telling stories. blogging is the perfect avenue for me because if i ramble and rant, [likely to happen] i can totally chalk it up to the informal tone a blog is meant to have. another blogging enticer is  the OBVIOUS fame and fortune that is bound to fall in my lap as a result of it! next wildly famous blog-arista right here, y’all!! [i wish!]  i would love to be the next super hip, cool blog-lady that has the must read site, but if that doesn’t happen i’m ok with it. [c’mon now…i’m not a fool! i took a stats class my freshman year…i know my odds of achieving world wide celebrity aren’t too great.]

really though, i hope that at some point, something i have to say resonates with someone and possibly changes their way of thinking, or helps them through something.

all that said, i think it’s only fair to warn that this is something of a “practice” blog while i learn how to navigate the waters…i am challlenging myself to blog everyday about SOMETHING. what i blog about is not important to me so much as the act of doing it. because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, y’all!! i wanna get good at this writing thing!! so i apologize in advance for any potentially lengthy posts about frivolous topics, as well as commentary on beauty products or pop music. oh, and also for any rants i may have towards the injustices of daily living. i am going to write from the heart and see what comes of it. hope you stick around to see, too!!

inspire me, y’all!! what are some good blog topics??


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